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Avoid potential cyber-attacks on your social networks by using Lynn

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That's right, not even social networks escape cyber-attacks. But how can cybercriminals not attack if the majority of internet users use them?

Social networks are the current meeting place for people, even more so now in a pandemic. In fact, according to the study "Epidemic, Apps and Habit Changes", over the past year Chileans went from spending 18 to 22 hours a week using their social networks. With these figures... where else are hackers going to attack?

Types of cyber-attacks on social networks

Identity theft with account hacking. Cybercriminals can break into your social networks and steal all your information. But how do they get into your account? Easy: by trying different types of passwords (usually the ones they consider the weakest), as well as sending you a link to log in and update certain data in order to keep it for themselves.

Use of fake news. These have grown exponentially this year thanks to the pandemic. These are all fake news stories circulating on the web, which manage to attract your attention because they have an attractive headline. In fact, when you click on the link, you are taken to a fraudulent page, on which your computer can be "contaminated" with viruses.

Use of the famous phishing. This sneaks in via social networks, especially Facebook and Instagram. You are sent an email inviting you to accept the new security policies. When you click on the link, you are redirected to an almost identical copy of the application to log in.

How can you not be a victim? Use Lynn!

If we put all the above points together and look for similarities, we realise that, while the attacks are generated by cybercriminals and they are the culprits, it is the people themselves who let it happen. It is advisable to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your social networks, so that they operate in an integrated and automated way. Therefore, with Lynn your business will be safe.

You will be able to have error-free multi-touch conversations. What does it consist of? Once an intention has been identified, the user is asked for the necessary information to satisfy it. For example, if they want to book a hotel, they will be asked for its location, date of arrival, number of nights, among other things. With this, you will be able to have the necessary information to show that the service is really required.

You will be able to implement helpful questions or instructions. Lynn provides two types of questions: confirmation questions, which allow you to confirm an action before performing it; and error handling questions, which ask the user to repeat the input for clarity. With this, you can generate your security questions, so that you can confirm the reality of the data.

It is worth mentioning that in case a user's speech input is not clear, it will not be taken into account and you will be able to configure Lynn to ask the user to repeat the information. For example: "I'm sorry, but I didn't understand your answer" or "Can you repeat it? Wonderful, isn't it? Lynn will do all this for you.

You will be able to chain intentions. With Lynn you will be able to dynamically transfer control from one intent to another based on the end user's input. This allows you to simplify complex conversations. And in this way, you will avoid confusion and possible errors.

Finally, handle all your customer interactions on a single platform!

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