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Secure customer service with channel orchestration

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Helen Abreu - Deputy Business Manager of e-Contact Chile

A well-served customer is a customer who always comes back... however, it is not always a good thing that they come back, because if it is a complaint, companies must simply take care that their annoyance does not increase and that their journey to make that complaint does not become more difficult.

We know that providing quality service in contact centres requires many factors such as technology and its correct use, but there are also key elements for successful service and, with them, achieving sales conversions or harmonious customer service: the orchestration of channels.

What is channel orchestration all about?

This means that regardless of the channel that the person communicates, they can be identified not only by their name and registered personal data, but also by their service history and, of course, that the communication channel they have chosen provides them with a timely solution and that their query is resolved. If a customer is in New York and cannot make a phone call, for example, the system should provide him with several options to channel his query, he can be identified and find the solution to his case.

In addition to good customer service, it should also be taken into account that there are audiences of different ages and preferences, for example, we can say that older adults are likely to prefer a phone call, unlike millennials who may not want to pick up the phone but rather be contacted and contact the call centre through digital channels. Also, not only do we have diversity in the audience but also in the circumstances of each one, as people might be requiring attention while at work or while in class... all of this needs to be taken into account.

The idea is that with Lynn your contact centre allows you to maintain a common thread of conversation and keep the customer identified.

With Lynn, the customer always wins

In this case, I mention the importance of customer preference, but between the lines, you should know that, by having a happy customer, companies achieve brand loyalty, improve their image, have sales conversion, among other advantages.

With channel orchestration:

1. Companies can serve 100% of their customers regardless of the channel through which they communicate.

2. Individuals can be identified in any of the channels through which they communicate.

3. If one of the service channels is busy or saturated, the person can continue the conversation with the conversation history in another channel.

4. The company can have a history of conversations with its customers regardless of the channel.

And the last and most important: it improves the most satisfying, fastest and most accurate customer experience possible. Furthermore, it is important to clarify that this channel orchestration service is fully applicable to any type of industry.