For Entrepreneurs

Connect with your customers and attend 24/7 in the messaging channel of your choice.

For businesses

Scale your customers' conversational experiences, without overwhelming your team.

For Genesys Clients

Boost your Genesys Contact Center with unique functionalities to improve your client's CX.

What is Lynn?

Integrates all
messaging channels
and social networks

Lynn is a service that allows you to create conversational interfaces with voice and text on any platform. Lynn brings you the advanced learning capabilities of Automatic Speech Recognition to convert speech to text and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology to recognize text intent. This allows you to create conversations with interactive and realistic user experiences.

With Lynn you can create bots to increase the productivity of your contact center, automate simple tasks and boost operational efficiency in your company. Being a 100% cloud service, Lynn scales automatically without infrastructure.

100% intuitive

Handle multiple conversations at the same time with ease

AI-powered automation

Deliver instant responses and follow up with intent-based conversations.

Interactive media experiences

Engage your customers by sending them images, videos, GIFs, and documents.

Proactive messaging

Deliver outbound notifications such as order, payment, and service updates.


Analyze and optimize your team's performance by using metrics in real-time reports.

Success stories

Thanks to the chatbot and chatlive fox, it managed to respond to 80% of the traffic this 2020

The high demand in the Help Center of FOX I needed immediate, 24/7 and personalized attention for each user in order to offer better assistance to customers.

Customers who trust Lynn